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Crypto Basics

*This post will be updated regularly as the crypto market can often change.

ALSO: PLEASE Do your own research before making any big investments! (I'm only sharing my thoughts and can be very wrong at times) - The Crypto space can be very profitable but it is also very risky. 

 To start there are two ways/methods that I like to invest in the Crypto market that require completely different mindsets:

  1. Buy and Hold (Long Term)

  2. Crypto Trading / Buy & Sell

I recommend using two completely separate platforms for each method. Personally for 'Buy & Hold' I use the Platform: (Download it on Android or iOS) and for 'Crypto Trading' I use For long-term holds, my current top coins are:

  1. Bitcoin

  2. Ethereum

  3. Ripple

  4. Solana

  5. Polygon

  6. Cardano

  7. Polkadot

  8. Avalanche

  9. ChainLink

  10. Dogecoin

  11. Cronos

For the long-term holds, I like to just simply set up a 'Recurring Buy' on the App and set it and 'forget' it.. I view this purely as a side investment for the long term.. Also, I highly recommend purchasing what is called a 'Cold Wallet' or some call it: 'offline wallets' or 'hardware wallets' - The two most popular ones that I recommend are either from the brand: Ledger or Trezor. This is important to do as a cold wallet that is not connected to the internet and therefore stands a far lesser risk of being compromised, unlike leaving it on a Crypto platform. For Trading / Buy & Sell: This is definitely a more advanced approach but one where you can actually profit from and withdraw the money to use for spending as you are not just buying but also selling for hopefully a profit! I recommend First, getting familiar with the Coinbase trading platform. After that: Unless you are gonna commit to Crypto trading full time and you are super passionate about it, I recommend following the 'call-outs' of someone who is an expert and looking at the charts all day / every day. We'll be sharing some of those call-outs and people to follow in the near future on this learning space and also in the Crypto Chat! More details regarding some Crypto strategies and videos to follow shortly, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, please ask them in the Legends Chat!

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