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Earth2 Review 2022

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Hey fellow Blockchain Legends, Hope you all are doing AMAZING!

I’ve been into Earth2 for a couple of months now and wanna share my quick thoughts for those who are interested in possibly getting into it / looking to invest & be a part of it!

The first thing I’ve noticed about Earth2 is they have a very Large plan of becoming the ‘main’ metaverse space in Web3 but with that large goal they seem to be taking a long time to really get things going.. currently you can’t do too much in Earth2 other than buy properties and jewels That can be ‘slotted’ in the properties to gain more ‘ether’ and ‘jewels’ - Also Earth2 is not yet on the Blockchain but they definitely have plans on doing so in the near future and I think that’s where I really think Earth2 will really take off!

So is it worth getting into? It’s Risky…. But it seems like it’ll turn into something great if the Team speeds things up!

I know people are getting inpatient whenever I’m on their Discord channel but yet hopeful!

I‘m some attention and money to it myself and will definitely keep you guys posted!

If you’d like to look at more profile you can check it out here: Also when you buy property use the coupon code: Legends

When you do, I will use yours in return!

We’ll see how this project turns out… Comment below on your thoughts about Earth2!

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