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So Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” - John 20:21

You are invited to come join the Evangelism & Equipping Conference Free, THIS Saturday (January 14) From 10AM-3PM & 7PM!

or text RESEND to 289 203 5777

If you can't stay for the whole thing, that's okay, just come say Hi! :)


Some Testimonies Via: Amazing time ministering at Lime Ridge Mall today! 4 healings, 1 came to faith in Jesus ! And many people heard the good news & received prayer, our faith got stretched by exercising gospel sharing in the mall!

A few of the testimonies: At the start we were led to a guy we noticed was waiting for someone outside a store and Marcel heard from God that he is dealing with pain in his back. We chatted with him and he said he does have a lot of pain in his back and hip and isn’t able to move it a certain way without pain.. we quickly prayed and God completely healed him!!! He felt something as well as we prayed and was so in awe about what just happened in Jesus name, so we shared the gospel with him and will hopefully connect more - praise God!

The 2nd video is of someone whose feet was in pain and needed the cain to walk, they were in a rush so we prayed quick and as he was walking away, he said he didn’t need the cain no more and that the pain is gone!! They were also believers too Praise God!

So many more amazing things! (Like as soon as we left the mall some altercation happened with someone knocking down a Starbucks sign, John & Solomon helped the situation and talked with the boys that did this, which led to them getting invited in the Starbucks for free coffee as a thank you and than praying for all the staff!! Come on Jesus!! )

We’ll definitely be going more often, It’s super stretching to do as there can be a lot of rejection in between, but we count it all as Joy to be able to share the Love of Jesus with others wherever we go!! Even if it’s just for one person, it’s so worth it!

Praise God for what he is doing!!


Hope to see you at the Resend Conference & I hope these updates and testimonies bless you today!

Remember that you are deeply Loved & if you need any prayer for anything, don't hesitate to reach out!

If you haven't yet, you can check out our Evangelism Map which is starting to Fill up with Ministries & Believers, Praise God! ->

Also if you'd love to sow any seeds into this ministry you can do so HERE and receive a Tax Receipt as well!


- Daniel

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