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God is on the Move in Hamilton!

I’m blown away… 2 days ago I wrote in my prayer list that we would see 40 people come out to @loveonhamilton (check my stories for the picture) and unexpected to me God answered today and called 42 people from all over Ontario to hit the streets of Hamilton to minister to this city in the name of Jesus! We had SO many testimonies come in from each of our groups as we split up to walk throughout the City.. so many seeds sown, but the most exciting to me was having 13 people receive Salvation today and accepted Christ into their lives and got Connected with amazing believers for Discipleship!! + Testimonies of Healings and Deliverances! WOW!! God is truly on the move in Hamilton! This is truly a move of God and we are just so excited and blessed to see it unfold! Thank you also to everyone who has been praying into this for Hamilton for years - God bless you for that!! 🙏

If you wanna connect with us more direct, join our new WhatsApp Group:

Be Blessed! - Love you guys! - Daniel Ziedins

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